Our company provide services in the field of international multimodal transportation of goods, as well as single-mode transportation. We offer our customers effective logistics solutions in forwarding, transportation, handling and storage of containers, oversized and other specific kinds of cargoes. Our company is represented by experienced specialists in the field of freight forwarding.

The main priority in the development of our company is to ensure the quality and efficiency of freight forwarding services. We are large enough to ensure the transportation of all types of cargo around the world, and, at the same time, flexible enough to provide an individual, tailor-made approach to the needs of each client. The experience of successful work in the market combined with high professionalism of our team allows us to consistently fulfill the obligations to our customers

The Freight Forwarding services provided by our company have following distinctive features:

1. Thanks to the broad base of agents around the world we are ready to start forwarding of cargo from any point the world depending on the terms of delivery.

2. Within our partnerships with most container carriers and operators we will agree upon container freight on the most advantageous and suitable for our client conditions.

3. Upon container arrival in Ukrainian port our company provide freight forwarding in port and arrange truck or railway delivery to Customer warehouse in any point of Ukraine.