For our clients we can act as Ship Operator providing services of maintaining and operating their vessels.

We provide the owners, as well as ship charterers, with support throughout the occupancy or charter of the vessel. Vessels can range in sizes and function.

We offer the services of crew manning and technical support, as well as other services like inspection prior to purchase, supervision during building, ship supply and ship lay-up solutions.

As Ship Operator we perform the following functions:

  • We are involved with post fixture, bunker intakes, crew management and agency appointments.
  • We prepare vessel position updates and then forwarding on.
  • We ensure the vessel’s voyage is performed efficiently and ensure that costs are kept to a minimum.
  • We arrange and manage any advance payments from charterers and final settlements when the voyage is complete.
  • We coordinate the day-to-day operational activities, liaising with any external agents and Marine Technical Superintendents etc to ensure efficient commercial operation.
  • We coordinate shipping requirements under Contracts of Affreightment. For this purpose we identify commercial opportunities. We also assist with any commercial analysis, preparation of company operational and annual reports and Lay Time and Off-hire statements on completion of each voyage.
  • We liaise with Charterers and Owners with respect to vetting inspections in relation to ports to be visited.